If "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," Kathleen found the perfect "blue shoes of happiness" to step into the Den!
What do you think BlueBeary is reading?
BlueBeary took a little reading for the plane. What do you think it is?
BlueBeary loves Westjet!
Yum! BlueBeary's favourite breakfast!
Kathleen and BlueBeary traveled by plane train and ... well, we are not sure what it is but there was a herd of them heading to CBC studio so they hitched a ride!
Can you find the words IMAGINE, DREAMS, FREEDOM, JOY in the word search? We were so surprised to find this right after we left CBC Studio. Where do you think it was?
BlueBeary wanted to give Bobby a great big smooch! He loves this CBC TV show. (Ok it is really Kathleen who loves this TV show. I know, I know ... but hey, she grew up in the Canadian north!)Do you know what TV show it is?
Pretending to be King Kong on a mini-CN Tower at the CBC building.
What does BlueBeary have in the bag?
Some swag from the big adventure.
Setting out to explore Toronto.
Kathleen and BlueBeary took the bus on their adventures and discovered that some parts of Toronto are NOT good habitats for teddy bears and small town preschool teachers!
BlueBeary and Kathleen do NOT like the subway. They went the wrong way TWICE. Teddy bears and children's authors should not spend time underground.
In spite of some scarey bits, BlueBeary and Kathleen also discovered lots of fun things -- like this RCMP moose that took BlueBeary for a little ride.
Looking down from the real CN Tower.
Feeling right at home.
Tasted Kathleen's coffee. It was hot and BlueBeary spilled it all over himself. The multi-pierced angel Kathleen met that day said, "Take a picture. It's part of his story!" How true. You never know when you'll meet a bit of wisdom.
A beautiful spot to rest in Toronto.
Packing to go home.
Planning to write a story about the adventures on the plane ride home.
BlueBeary & Kathleen's Dragon's Den Adventure to Toronto
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In June, Kathleen and BlueBeary got together with Stephanie Strauss Hall of Retrospect Photography for a little photo shoot.
Then BlueBeary stayed for a few days sleepover with the Hall family for another photo shoot. Stephanie's beautiful girls helped out.
This is the set for Christmas in June!
This little suitcase brings a pop of colour like the yellow on the cover of the first two Open Eyes Books: BlueBeary and Samantha's First Story.
Don't you love the little Santa hat?
In the new book, A Very BlueBeary Christmas, BlueBeary sits on the fireplace ledge and wonders what's inside some boxes of decorations.
What do you think BlueBeary is putting in Samantha's stocking this Christmas?
Have you ever received any special toys like these little nutcrackers?
Photo Shoot for A Very BlueBeary Christmas 
by Stephanie Strauss Hall of Retrospect Photography